If I Worked in a Boutique

When I think of retiring, I never thought of it doing what I do...making crochet and knitting fashions and home decor. But, the more I create, the more I want to do this full time after my career is over. I have an upcoming post coming Sunday called "My Dream Career" that will go into greater detail. Hope you read it!

When I was in my 20s, I didn't even think of the future. When I got to my 40s, I had made some changes but now that I'm in my 50s, I'm really thinking of how to finish strong. I get so much joy out of crafting more than any other job I've ever had. Life is so short, and I've spent most of in jobs that I had to do to make a living. I got some positives from them like soft and hard skills and the ability to be a business owner. I don't take that lightly. But, when we moved to Oregon and I discovered crafting to the point of crocheting and knitting until 1 AM everyday, I knew my heart was happy.

What Would a Typical Day in the Life of Crafter look like?

My vision of what I want to do is really simple:
  • Looking through YouTube crochet and knitting tutorials to learn new patterns
  • Designing new collections based on altered or original patterns
  • Social media marketing and sharing
  • Writing new content for the blog
  • Selling collections or individual items 
  • Purchasing yarns and researching new tools
Believe me, this can keep me busy all day! I'm so thrilled God put this love of art, design, and creating into my heart years ago and finally I see my dream of using my hands to create come true. I'm not looking to make a 6-figure income crafting, but a way to put monies back into buying more supplies, trying out the latest yarns and fabrics, upgrading my crochet hooks, adding new knitting needle sets, trying new patterns, and filling my shop.

If I had to count the hours I spend learning new techniques, stitches, patterns now, I'd probably have to say around 20 hours a week. And, the other fun part is adding accessories, flowers, ribbons, pom poms, ear flaps, whatever I feel like the final product needs. And to see the look on the face of a happy customer sends smiles up and down my face. It's truly a great feeling to know that I've made something that someone can wear and use. This is more than a designer/customer relationship, it is truly my ministry.
crocheting with pink yarn

Thanks for reading!

Top picture courtesy of pixabay.com