Misty Morning, Perfect Day

What would be the perfect day for you? Lay in bed and read or watch an old movie? A nice walk on the beach? A picnic in the park with family? Mine is seeing miracles like a long awaited prayer finally gets answered.

Even a day that starts off misty but turns perfect with little miracles is a perfect day for me... like one time when hubby and I were going out and we stopped to get something to eat. Their register wasn't working to take our card. They spent time trying to fix the machine but it wasn't working and the line began to form, so they paid for our meal rather than keep us waiting. How cool was that?! That put a big smile on my face.

Seeing the sun comes out when the weather report was grim at best. Even through a moody, cloudy day, I see a picturesque scenery with my own eyes, I like to believe that God did that just for me.

Sometimes the perfect day is a quiet day where I can meditate on The Lord thinking of all the blessings I have. A day when I listen to worship songs and just do some crafting or when I can have my favorite dessert at the end of the day.

I love these small blessings like cuddling under my crochet blanket and play online games with my friends. Spending quality time just talking about nothing important with hubby. We just talk and laugh together. Jesus blesses us in so many ways that we oftentimes forget about.

How bout having the perfect dinner where everything on the plate is scrumptious?, or wearing your favorite outfit and every time you put it on, it fits so nicely and feels so good to wear? A perfect day can be a day that you feel good physically, full of energy and ready to climb a mountain!

Whatever the perfect day is for you, we are still being blessed. Let me see through the mist and enjoy the perfect blessings from above.