My Dream Career

Not sure if I've ever shared my career goals on my blog before and I was too lazy to look through hundreds of published posts to find out! However, things may have changed anyway, I'm changing all the time. Today, I got my edition of Willow Yarns catalog and as I was flipping through the pages looking at all the beautiful hanks of yarn colorways and patterns, I thought to myself: "This is my dream career."

Part of having my dream career is crocheting and knitting but it doesn't start and end there. It's looking at new yarns, textures, and colors and trying out new patterns. It's purchasing and trying out new hooks, needles, and tools. It's writing for this blog, selling finished items at craft shows and online, gifting others for charity, fundraising, watching video tutorials and even taking classes. And, I also love running my blog sharing more than just crafting. I've kind of changed the tone of this blog into a lifestyle theme because I enjoy writing about my faith in Jesus, fashion, running a home-based business, and even recipes!

Creating is one of the greatest gifts God has given to man. If you're not artist or crafter, it may be hard to understand what joy it is to make something beautiful with your own hands that someone can wear or use. It's easy to go out and buy a poncho as a gift when you have the money, but it's not the same when you research a pattern, buy the kit items and then take the time to make it and present it as a gift.

When I made my first hat, I remember feeling so proud of myself and I knew then that when I retire, creating handmade crochets and knits was what I want to do. It's not always apparent to know what you want to do. I mean some people knew what they wanted to be as a kid. Not me. I just knew I liked writing poetry and drawing comics. But, I was never felt like, "yes!, that's what I want to do", not until now. All I have to do now is go for it and make it a daily prayer that God will open the right doors for me AND that I'll know it when He does.