My Favorite Fashion Sites

Clothes, clothes, I never get tired of fashion. Even as a modest Christian woman, I like to be in style. Sometimes, it's hard to find stylishly modest apparel but today I'm sharing some places I like:
  • Apostolic Clothing. Located in Georgia, I got introduced to them through Facebook and Pinterest. Their clothes are so trendy, but still modest. They even do customizations on outfits like skirt or dress lengths. 
  • Dainty Jewell's. This company was founded by Charity, the lead designer. She began designing modest, but fashionable clothes at an early age. And she caters to young girls as well as women. The dresses are so pretty and definitely dainty.
  • Dress like an Angel. They specialize in high-end, quality, modest apparel for ladies and girls at below boutique cost since 1990. Their clothes are classy and sophisticated.
  • Sweet Salt Clothing. They offer clothing that is fashionable, modest, and quite affordable. Here, you can find tops, skirts, and more that doesn't skimp on style.
  • Sierra Brooke. This online store started with from a mom who wanted to continue dressing modestly but couldn't find much shopping in stores. They sell many tops, skirts, accessories, and most importantly dresses and the prices are very reasonable.
And if you need more inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest board, "Styling Modest" below and follow me as I add more outfits to it all the time!