Sandwiches and Comfort

There's dishes that I call "comfort food" and usually that includes soups, chili, turkey and gravy, but I also put sandwiches right up there with them. When I think about it...the insides are usually protected by two slices of bread...kinda like me and my snuggie underneath a thick quilt!
Place ham, cheese, cucumbers, tomato, and lettuce or whatever ingredients floats your boat on top of some toasted bread and you've got the ultimate comfort food.

Sandwiches or (sammies) as I call them are the perfect accompaniment for a long work day. I use my George Foreman tabletop grill frequently to make paninis and it toasts up the bread so good!

There's another "Comforter" I can't ignore and that's The Holy Spirit! (John 14:16). Jesus is my ultimate comforter, because He understands what I feel on the inside and He empathizes. Yes, the sammie comforts my body, but Jesus comforts my soul.