What's in my Knitting Bag?

September 15, 2016

I figured since I just did a "What's in my Crochet Bag?", I have to do a knitting version. Since I've started to learning to knit with needles, my tools are growing!

This is what's in my bag:
  • Tapestry needles - I keep these in a small zipper bag in various sizes. I use them for sewing and weaving in the ends of my work + if I'm doing any embroidery work. I have two types, the ones with and without closures.
  • Knitting needles - I love big chunky knitting needles! I usually keep US size 17 circulars up to 19 straights. I do own up to US 50 straight and circular and the circulars I can carry as well as the US 35 circulars.
  • Tape measure - I use it to check the measurement size or if I'm making a swatch.
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers - The open kind without the closures are perfect for working in the round to let me know where the beginning of the round is.
  • Yarn - of course yarn! Usually it's just the yarn I'm working with and maybe some xtra skeins if I need them. Right now, I'm working with Lion's Pride Woolspun and Hometown USA yarns.
  • My iPad - I need my portable computer for knitting as I am such a newbie. I can look at the  video tutorial again.
And that is what's in my bag! Thanks for reading!

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