Where do I Shop Online?

I like shopping online and there are a few sites that I visit often for things like crafting and office supplies, tech stuff, and anything in between. I would definitely air on the side of caution doing business with new online companies unless you are able to trust them.

Below is my list of frequent shopping sites that I've done business with for years. Let's hop to it!

Vistaprint.com is one of my favorite places to go for business, notes and greeting cards, labels...just anything related to marketing. We've even bought specialty items like t-shirts, caps, large car magnets, and we've never had any trouble with our orders. We've been shopping with them since 1999. The customer service is great and I find their website very user-friendly. I like that I can create a custom design for a business card and save it in my portfolio to order later. Prices are very reasonable and they run daily sales. When one of my best friends got married, I referred her to Vistaprint and she ordered her wedding invitations from Vistaprint and she really loved them!
Everybody probably shops Amazon! I buy almost everything I need here from crafting supplies to clothing. And, of course, I've been an Amazon affiliate a long time too and they have really good advertising features for Associates (Amazon's name for affiliates) like the Astore (which I use for my shop page), banner ads, even multimedia slideshows where you can choose to show specific items.
 Apple.com is of course where I go for all things Mac. I bought my JBL speakers, iPod shuffle with my name on it from the website. I wish I had gone ahead and bought my Macbook from them too cause I had a lot of problems with it when I brought it home from a retailer. I didn't even have sense enough to buy my Macbook from an Apple store. Never make that mistake again! They constantly update their products on their website and from an artistic standpoint, I love the design of their website.
When I need affordable stock photos for my blog or a special project for my Florida client, I shop at CanStockPhoto.com.Credits start at $9 for 12 credits and most of the time when I download an image, I choose the resolution for 3 credits each. They, of course have other prices for more credits. And, the photos are extremely high quality. You can find JPGs, vector illustrations, even videos there. I usually can find whatever photo I need for my job.
Of course, can't forget eBay. Been shopping with them for ages and ages! Also, have sold many products too. Most of the time, I buy computer software or accessories while hubby purchase accessories for his camera gear as well as camera bodies, lens, flashes, battery packs, and even CF cards. 
I shop at Joann's on and offline but mostly online because the nearest store is over an hour away.  Of course, I get most of my crafts here like yarn, crochet and knitting tools, fabric, paper crafts like scrapbook paper, inkpads, drawing utensils, and sewing accessories. And, if I'm in the area, I try never to miss going inside and using a coupon or two!
I came across Knitting Warehouse when I was looking for name brand yarns at lost costs. I really like this company because I save on the yarns typically available at Joann's, Herschnner's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and even my local yarn shop. They also carry many craft accessories and they ship fairly quickly. I've spoken to their customer service and have been very satisfied with all my purchases. Recently, they re-designed their website which is more attractive and user-friendly. It's easy to find what you're looking for.

I've been following Knit Picks on YouTube for awhile and I liked their video tutorials. Well, I finally ordered some yarn from them when I began getting more into knitting and wanted to work with wool blends. Plus, I have a swift and yarn ball winder and I wanted to buy the yarn in hanks so I could use the swift and winder to make a yarn cake. I really liked the quality of the yarn and it was shipped quickly. I do plan to order again!
I learned about Miss A through a beauty YouTuber that I follow. She mentioned buying all these beauty and cosmetics + jewelry all for $1 ea.! I wasn't sure if I wanted to try this store out at first, but the local dollar tree doesn't carry specific fashion accessories whereas that is exactly what Miss A specializes in. I have since ordered several times from them and I've been happy with my purchases. The only complaint I have is that some of the jewelry sizes (particularly the bracelets) came too small and so I couldn't wear them, but for $1 it wasn't a big deal. I can gift them away. If you're interested in shopping here, read my post, "My First Shopping Haul with Shop Miss A".
That does it for my list! I must also mention that I try to only shop in the U.S. even though at times I have shopped online overseas through Amazon. The real reason I limit the demographics is because I'm too impatient to wait! LOL! But I do have my eye on a company in the UK that I might just place an order with in the future!