Celebration of this Weekend's, "I Love Yarn Day"!

Sorry I'm late with this, I only found out about "I Love Yarn Day" this weekend and unfortunately I didn't have time to put together a post + I already had my blog weekly posts scheduled. So you'll have to forgive me for missing out! It was celebrated October 15th through the weekend.

So, you may be wondering, "What exactly is I Love Yarn Day"? Well, I had to find out myself when I first learned about it. It's a day where yarn creators (knitters and/or crocheters), really anyone that creates with yarn teaches another person their craft  + just share our love for yarn. You can learn more about it on the Craft Yarn Council website. While I'm not able to teach a how-to with such a busy schedule, I still wanted to add my love of yarns!

I wrote a post about the brands of yarn I like to work with and you can go back and read that here. But, in this post I want to focus on what it means to me to work with yarn and how it has changed my life.

I've loved yarn since I was a little girl, but I think my appreciation for it grew about four years ago when we moved to Oregon. The little town we live in is full of talented artists and crafters. I've learned so much from hanging around with them. It was a long-time prayer to be able to make things with my hands and to finally be doing that is such a reward.

My knitted "Mega Cowl" so far. I'm using a blend of baby alpaca and wool that will transition into different colors. It's a mixture of ribbing for five rows, followed by the garter and stockinette stitches and then repeats for the length of the cowl. And, I'm using US size 19 wooden needles by Clover.

The yarn is so soft and I know I'm going to love wearing this cowl for the winter.
I enjoy seeing a pattern take shape and the yarn turns into a luscious texture. And, when I'm done with an item I'm so full of excitement that I finished it! It doesn't matter what it is: a hat, scarf, or garment. It's a feeling of "worth" that I need in my life. I suffer from anxiety issues at times and so when I can stop and crochet a few rounds or knit a few rows, it helps to calm me down.

Also, I have the need to feel like I'm making good use of my time...that I have worth. Growing up for me was difficult, I didn't have a life of my own as I raised a little brother when I was just 5, went to work at age 13, and took care of a sick husband and his family for many years when I was 27. My crocheting was on hold for probably 20 years. I get so excited when new yarns come out and/or when I get to try out a new yarn. For example, this year I've been introduced to several new yarns: Bernat Alpaca made from 70% acrylic and 30% alpaca, Lion's Pride Woolspun made from 80% acrylic and 20% wool, and Loops & Threads Chunky Luxe 100% acrylic, #7 yarn which is the largest weight I've ever worked with. 

There are times when I'm searching for a new pattern that I'll pray and ask God what He wants me to make and sure enough I'll find some new pattern in my email or across the YouTube channels I follow. I've even dreamed of patterns and got up to write down some notes so I wouldn't forget.

I've been experimenting with wool blends lately and must say I love knitting with such soft fibers.
When I got back into crocheting, I started out with economy yarns and used them for about three years until I started wanting to learn to knit. Then I got interested in wool blends, sometimes it's mixed with alpaca or acrylic. It's softer and lovely to work with.

I love all kinds of yarns, but especially ombre and color changing yarns. They create a unique design pattern when worked up.

It's amazing to me just how a ball of yarn and one crochet hook or two knitting needles can make such beautiful items. I live to become a better yarn artist and maybe one day become a designer.