Foodie Friday Fotos: October 7

We're SNACKING today for Foodie Friday Fotos! I love to have a snack while I'm working because it fulfills the need to have a big meal and fills my time when I'm working on a deadline and can't get up and cook something.

I'm trying to feature "good snacks" in this post as a way to encourage myself and hopefully you too to improve what foods we snack on.

Fruit is ALWAYS a good choice for snacking plus if you're like me, fruit curbs my cravings for desserts.

I'm not a nuts person, but I know that nuts (cashews pictured) are a healthy alternative, especially if you're a potato chip lover like myself. I may really need to give nuts a try!

Nachos with guacamole or salsa is a great snack and I can actually replace what I would eat for lunch.

I love artichoke dip, I haven't made this in a long time but it's easy and, I posted a recipe for it with spinach here, I was introduced to a few years ago.
Granola is so good and if I don't eat it in a cereal, granola bars are good too. Sometimes, I also like cereal bars. Also, I like that granola can travel with you. Hubby and I carry granola bars in our backpacks when we're out photographing.
Yogurt mixed with fruit makes not only a great snack but as a breakfast meal which gives you the energy you need without making you feel bloated. It's good mixed with granola as well.
So, what's your favorite snack food? Tell me by commenting below! And until next Friday, happy snacking!

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  1. Your Friday 'Foodie" post photography is so detailed and precise (beautiful) that they make my mouth water! You must be a gourmet cook?

    1. hee heee! Thank you JoJo! I love my Friday Foodie Fotos day! :D