Friday Foodie Fotos: October 28

We're doing Asian dishes today! What's your favorite Asian cuisine, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino? Well...whichever you like, I'm mixing it up with these delicious courses! Maybe they will tempt you to go to your favorite Asian restaurant for dinner this weekend! ENJOY!

Sweet 'n Sour pork with veggies. My hubby loves sweet 'n sour chicken with pork fried rice, he usually orders that every time we eat at any Chinese restaurant.
Japanese Noodles Vegetarian dish, my favorite cuisine

Tttekbokki (Tok Bok Kee) is a popular Korean dish made from soft rice cake, fish cake, and sweet red chili sauce. I have never tried Korean food before, but I would love to sample it, especially Korean barbecue, because I've heard many times that it's delicious.
Thai Dish with Papaya and Veggies, mmmmm...this looks so good!
Shrimp Dish with Tomatoes in Sauce

Wanton Soup ~ the dumplings and pork looks delicious!
General Tso Chicken, one of my favorite Chinese dishes! 
Hope you enjoyed this round of dishes! See ya next time!

photos by canstockphoto and