I've Got some Exciting News!

If you recently saw my little teaser on Facebook, then you're probably on pins and needles waiting for my announcement! Well, I'll not make you wait any longer! I actually have two cool pieces of exciting news!

First, I'm so super happy and excited to tell you that I'm now selling my own Collection of PhotoArt T-shirts on Amazon! I have been waiting for six long months to be accepted into their program. For the past few months, I've watched how successful my hubby has been selling his photo t-shirts and I anxiously wanted to join in on the fun! So, what's the difference between his shirts and mine? Well, he is the nature photographer and I'm a little bit artsy.

I've been taking photo lessons from him and so for the most part, my shirts start out with my own photo and then I add artistic effects to them. Others were photos hubby took, but he decided he didn't want them so I added my own touches to make them more artsy. Also, my collection is tailored just for the ladies and kiddies! So, here's three of my t-shirts (click the image for a larger view).

pictured l to r: "Brighten my day with flowers", "The Beach", and "Bloom where you're Planted"
The shirts come in various sizes and five different colors for women and youth as I said and are $18.99 each + s/h. If you are an Amazon prime member OR you place an order of $35 or more, you'll get free shipping! And since everything is handled by Amazon, you'll have a familiar and secure experience!

I'll have a total of 24 shirts in the collection, 9 of them are ready and are on sale now! YAY! Your purchases will allow me to collect a commission which will greatly help me to continue to run my shop and blog.

And if you're starting your Christmas shopping early this year, ordering a PhotoArt t-shirt to support a local artist makes a great gift!

I hope you like my collection and if you have any questions, you can contact me easily by clicking the pink button on the right of the blog!

My 2nd announcement is the launch of my new Shop!

I've combined the places that I primarily sell items on in one place! Today, I completed putting on the finishing touches. I really am pleased how it came out. It was a lot to do and I've been working on it everyday for the past month or so. I wanted to be sure I was completely happy with it before launching it to the world. My name means a lot to me, and my shop is an extension of me and what I love. Also, having an online shop means that I will have a better customer reach and allows me to have the financial resources to run this blog and the shop, but also I can continue purchase craft supplies to make new items for sale.

Visit the SHOP today and be sure to subscribe to my blog to get updated when new items become available!

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