PINS I Love: Crochet and Knitting Meets Fashion

I love sharing the PINS I'm saving with you guys. So today, I'm sharing some of my favs from one of my boards that really delights my heart, "When Crochet and Knitting meets Fashion." If you have followed me for any length of time you'll remember what my logo tagline used to be, "when crochet meets fashion." Now, that I'm knitting, I MUST add that too.

Fashion is near and dear to my heart and once I learned what trends I like and the colors that look good on me, I've not looked back. Mixing that with yarning is just like a having a slice of apple pie for me! Let me share with you my list!

I recently discovered an easy pattern for crocheting a mobius wrap in this post so when I saw this pin, I had to put it first on the list. I love all the different colors.

What a beautiful purple color. Knitted cable stitches just looks so much better than crochet, just my opinion! The black buttons also gives it that awesome contrast.

This is truly a work of art. Crochet lace turned into this beautiful wrap.

Oh I adore crocheted jewelry, but it's an art form that's eluded me unfortunately!

Oh my, I fell in love with this knitted dress. It looks so luxurious and I'm not sure but it looks like the skirt part is felted. I can't imagine how soft this fabric must be to wear.

I'm a big lover of snuggling up under a poncho with a cowl neck! One of these days, I will learn to knit one. Last year I crocheted my first ever poncho which surprisingly came out better than I thought. I hope to be able to wear it this Fall!

Who says fashion stops with clothes? Accessories are essential too! Lovely basketweave stitches in this bag. And of course, the pom poms just delights my heart!

Is the model just pretty with this flappers style hat? I love vintage clothing and I've made a few crochet flapper hats, they're easy to make and fun to wear!

When I first saw this picture in the book, "Loom Knit Hats and Scarves", I knew instantly that I wanted this pattern so I bought the book. Still haven't made this because I've been on the hunt for the perfect buttons. I really think it's the buttons that get this scarf/hat set noticed.

I get so lost in these "PINS I Love" series, because there's just so much talent out there. It's hard to know when to quit! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm looking forward to sharing more PINS with you in a future post, stay tuned! And please follow my board: "When Crochet and Knitting meets Fashion" to keep up with latest trends in the yarning world!