PINS I Love: Home Decor

I admit when it comes to home decorating, I'm a bit challenged. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I get the best ideas looking there, trouble is I don't want to leave!

Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite pins for home decor and if you're trying to dress up a room or doing an overhaul, maybe you'll get some ideas too! And please follow my board: Inspiring Workspaces because it isn't just about decorating a home office!

I think I might have posted that my dream is for hubby and I to own a home and how I've been collecting ideas for colors and layout. So let's get to it!

What a neat way to hang up jewelry. I'd love to have a beauty room or beauty/fashion boutique with an extra room apart from my crafting room.

Don't you just LOVE this?! Hubby and I also love neutrals because they are calming.

I love the modern feel of this living room. I'm a big fan of high ceilings, chandeliers, and big windows.

How beautiful and romantic is this master bedroom?!

This is a neat way to hang family photos, kinda makes an art wall.

Another cool idea to decorate a wall space.

** WOW! Now this is the kitchen in my dreams!! **

When I get a home that I can entertain guests, this is the kind of dining room I so want! I love comfy chairs with good back support!

Really cute way to hang the plants and doesn't seem hard to create.

There's so many more pins I could put here, but I'd be here forever! LOL! Hopefully, you enjoyed these as much as I did putting this post together! Be sure to follow my board, Inspiring Workspaces and I add to it frequently!


  1. A relaxing stroll through these pics fit for rainy day! <3

    1. hee heee LOL! Thanks Sissy, I so love looking at Pinterest, it's addicting!