Using a Yarn Bowl

If you crochet and/or knit a lot like me, you'll have tons of little yarn balls left over from finished projects. I have mine in a big plastic bag to store. But, when I want to make something small and quick like a dishcloth set or a baby hat, using a yarn ball can be tricky as it will roll around a lot.

I've used big baskets, but sometimes they are full of other projects. So that's where the yarn bowl comes in! It is designed specifically for small yarn balls and with the intricate design on front, the yarn goes through that to keep it inside the bowl and untangled.

Example of how the ball of yarn fits perfectly in the bowl to keep it untangled and stationary while crocheting or knitting.
I recently became an affiliate of Darn Good Yarn where you can find this handmade wooden bowl on sale. This bowl is handmade out of Sheesham wood and very pretty design. The diameter is 5" x 2.5" height.

And, right now they are running a 50% off on yarn bowls which are regularly priced at $69 ea., and with the discount, this one is $34.50 before s/h! Click here to get yours and use Promo Code: YB50 at checkout! (I'm not sure how long the sale is for, but buy purchasing, you'll be supporting me to earn a small commission that helps run my blog and shop page!)

And, check out this funny animated video about the yarn bowl from Darn Good Yarn. Click here if you have trouble viewing the video!

Thanks for reading!