You can Always Learn Something from the Good and the Bad

One time, a long time ago this young lady was set to move from her beloved townhouse into a small apartment on the other side of town. A friend of hers had volunteered to move her heavy items in his truck, but on the day of the move he didn't show up nor call. It would be weeks down the road that she would find out he lied about helping her and where he was the day of her move. She ended up spending weeks trying to come up with enough money to rent a truck. When she did get the truck, she had no one to help her lift the heavy furniture.

Two neighbors volunteered when they saw her struggling. Long story short, she did get moved into the new apartment that later would have a leak in the ceiling and she would have to move again. Being uprooted twice in such a short period of time really unnerved her, but she was able to actually get a better place. Something good came out of something bad.

A black lady worked for a company in charge of handling word processing assignments. She was the head of her department and in charge of hiring staff and supervising them. The first three people she hired were all white and they were excellent workers who went on to better jobs under her fine supervision. The fourth employee, also white, was hired but he didn't work out as well as the prior three. In fact, complaints about him goofing off in the kitchen eating rather than working went through the entire office. He was given many more chances to improve. Her file on him had grown so large and nothing she did nor her supervisor did helped this young man perform the job he was hired to do. She knew she had to make a decision because the work was piling up, the deadlines were not being met and her department was in trouble. She prayed for God to help her, and after much prayer and counseling with her own supervisor, they let the young man go. It broke her heart to do that but he actually was more of a people person than one that can sit at the computer typing all day. He said he could do the job and she wanted to give him a chance. After his termination, the situation grew worse.

The man started rumors around the office that he was let go because he was white. All her co-workers bought into lie and they kept spreading them so much so, that she had no allies there. She was called into HR several times and often would go home in tears. Every night, she would pray for God to bring out the truth. But it didn't happen. For about six months, the rumors kept getting worse, more lies after lies and finally the man's mother filed a lawsuit against the company and our heroine's name was mentioned in the suit. She thought it was time to find another job, but despite the hostilities she was experiencing, she couldn't get a green light from God to leave. 

One morning the company's attorneys asked to speak to her about the man who was fired. She was going to be interviewed, instead she brought with her his case file which contained approximately 400 sheets of paper containing reviews, counseling sessions, talks, actions taken to help him adjust, and even personality tests done to see if he was better suited at another type of job. She left the file on the attorney's desk and said, "please go through these documents first and if you still feel like you want to talk to me, I'll come back." The attorney read through all the files, took appropriate legal action and soon after the case was dropped. A good victory, but still the lies are going around and everyone had shunned her. No one would even talk to her. They snickered around her talking about her behind her back throughout the office. She spent many days just at her desk only getting up to go to the bathroom or to go home at the end of day. She couldn't stand the sneering and mental anguish.

This same young man went to work in another department on the 2nd floor. She was happy for him that he got another job and she thought maybe this ordeal will soon be over. A couple weeks after he got hired, his boss and co-workers suddenly couldn't find him. He was not at his desk, the kitchen, they even looked outside in the parking lot. They looked everywhere for him. Someone saw a shoe peeking out from the floor under his desk. There he was laying down under his desk asleep during work hours! He was immediately fired and incidentally by another lady boss who also happened to be black. Not long after that incident, the truth began to come to the surface that he was suffering from mental illnesses and was not taking medication. He left the company to seek professional help. God did vindicate our lady by letting the truth come out by allowing others to see the condition of this man and that it wasn't bigotry at all that led to his first dismissal. And, the best part of this story was the young man came back several months later just for a visit and he apologized for what he had done to our lady champion in this story. He gave her a present as well. And they renewed a sweet friendship. She was commended for her actions, bravery, and courage to stay at a job that had become intolerable. Again, something good came out something bad. The young man was able to address his health issues and get the help he needed and it may not have been known if this incident had not happened. God sometimes uses unusual methods to achieve His purposes.


I know this is an unusual way to write this post, but both stories are true and happened to me. I'm like the average person who hates problems and going through trials. But, one thing I must say is that I'm so grateful I had Jesus to carry me through. And at the end of the day, if I can take just one positive thing out of a bad experience, I can go on and live.

Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the positive, but it is there. God always gets something good out of something bad. Even, if the lesson is to make us stronger Christians, it's worth it and our reward in Heaven is far greater than anything we experience on earth.

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