A Coastal Photo Lookbook

A different kind of post today...there are times when I need an emotional boost and this was one of those days. I was looking through these photos and it took me back to the places I was when I took these pics and how happy I was at the time. It brought back wonderful memories of along the coast. Flowers, ocean, rocks, all the nature picturesque scenes that I live nearby to.

I'm glad God sent us here. We needed to heal from all that we had gone through just before we left. It was scary yet exhiliariting to pack the truck with just what we needed and drive 3,000 miles away. We had no idea what awaited us, we just hoped it would be better than where we came. 

It took time to get settled and for about a year after we got here, we didn't hardly drive. But when we began to explore the coast, we were blown away! North or South, there are such beautiful places to see and still we have only scratched the surface.

So here's a slideshow with just a peek at some of the nature that caught my eye. Hope it gives you a little smile.