Always Learning: Day 2 of my eCourse

Here we are on Day 2 of my eCourse. Yesterday, my homework assignment was to write down brand name companies that I would like to promote and what kind of products would I like to sample for the businesses I want to work with.

Today's assignment was about three methods to reach out to brand companies and in this post, I'll address two of them. Of course, the first one is to contact a company directly. Now, I did that years ago with ORMG (Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet). I wrote a short sales letter, mind you, I had no idea what I was doing, telling the company how I would like to sample their products and write my honest opinion of it on my blog. At that time, I had a good readership and so I knew my audience would be interested in my feedback. Some companies turned me down and some didn't.

The thing is...I know that my interests have changed and so have my goals so I'm talking now about making a living from blogging and not just a few dollars here and there. Depending on the brands that I have the potential to work with + the number of pageviews this blog gets daily, I could make a nice sum and that would take me closer to my dream of retiring at age 55.

Other Ways to Build a Partnership

I was also reading about having a media kit which I have very little knowledge about, because I hadn't even decided how much I can charge to write a sponsored post, which I'll explain more in a part 3 post, so I knew I had to get busy with this. But basically a media kit for bloggers is document that outlines the key facts and statistics about your blog that you send to potential advertisers. Anyhoo, I did a bit of research into how to write one and found some examples on Pinterest:

I like that this example is simple and straight to the point.

This example is like the one above, but she does include her logo and also what I like is she has the total number of followers on her social medias.

These kits come in different colors that the author is selling. I re-pinned this for the board because I really like the color scheme. But, there are free media kits for bloggers out there too.

This kit is a 2-page template made for MS-Word and I believe out of the three samples above, this is my favorite. However, I'm planning on a 1-pager media kit. I also love the pink color.

So, from my initial research, the essential parts of a media kit for a blogger are:
  • Statistics on number of page visitors (which I'm a long way from having the stats in those media kit examples)
  • Number of social media connections
  • Type of audience
  • Editor's bio
  • Purpose of the blog
Since I installed Google Analytics the first day I launched this blog, I should have a good number of web stats for my media kit. I'll have to see how the social #s stack up. So before I go any further, I will be working on writing my own kit.

Another method to attract advertisers is through blogger networking which, in my opinion, is signing up to become an affiliate marketer. When we were involved with internet marketing years ago (a bit different from writing sponsored posts), I became aware of sites that partner with advertisers and connect them with publishers to promote products and services on blogs. But, in this scenario, as a publisher, you'd place a banner ad on the sidebar of your blog and you get a commission when a visitor clicks the ad AND purchases through your ad. This can take years to accumulate any kind of income. But writing promo posts, product reviews, partnering on a video, doing giveaways, and even providing coupon codes takes the relationship to another level and typically an agreement is made on compensation upfront.

So, what's next?

So my homework for Day 2 is:
  • Write and design a media kit
  • Look at my blog and social media stats and depending on those numbers, Day 3's course will talk about what to charge for writing promo posts.
Alternate homework:
  • Deciding on designing and publishing an eNewsletter.
I've been kicking around the idea of a bi-monthly eNewsletter, but in order to do this, I'll need to build an email list. This means trying to get people to see value in receiving such an issue and wanting to sign up. A newsletter would be an extension of this blog. What I could put in it would be: popular posts, announcing a new collection or product from my shop page, running a sale with coupon codes maybe for limited edition items, updates on what I'm working on, and even free printables.

So needless to say, it takes more work if I want to be a full-time blogger that ties into my crafting. It feels good sharing my training with you guys, because it helps hold me accountable for putting into motion what I'm learning. So thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting! Day 3 is next :)