Always Learning: Day 3 of my eCourse

I'm on Day 3 of my blog training and I've started working on my media kit. I have run into a writer's block, because I simply don't know how to phrase what my blog is all about. It feels a lot like standing in front of the Shark Tank investors trying to pitch my business!

Anyhoo, I put it down for the moment to work on a eNewsletter design and I finished Issue 1 and successfully sent it out. That was a big accomplishment. It'll be going out every month so if you would like to keep up with me, sign up for it today!

Day 3 is about what to charge for a sponsored post. I mentioned in my Day 2's post about going into more detail of what a sponsored post is. I actually thought it was the same as a product review, but it's not.

So, what's the difference between a sponsored post and a product review?

A product review is entirely giving my honest opinion about a product that a company sends me to sample. A sponsored post is simply a regular blog post with the product mentioned in it.

One of the products I would love to write a sponsored post for is jewelry. I think it's easier to work in what I'm wearing into a post rather than doing a product review.
Now yarn is a different story, it's easier for me to write a product review on how the yarn works when crocheting and knitting, how it feels, how easy/difficult it is to crochet or knit with it, whether or not I would recommend it or use it again, etc..

I would like offer both sponsored posts and product reviews. I like talking about items that I love and use. For example, my favorite yarns are made by Lion Brand. In fact, I'm planning on doing a video test on Scarfie yarn so be on the lookout for that soon.

Also, I took a look at my blog numbers from October/early November and found that:

  • I had 1,047 total page views to the blog (October).
  • My Facebook page followers are 71; last week's posts increased by 33%.
  • My Twitter followers are up to 1,085.
  • Instagram followers has grown to 51 in under a year; and
  • My Pinterest followers are up to 301; adding between 2 - 5 new followers daily.

The socials I mainly use are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. I like Pinterest and Instagram's photo-driven networks the best because I'm so visual. Facebook, because it was the first network I joined when I started using social media and Twitter only because it's tied to the others and posts are automatically published there. I have a LinkedIn and Google+ profile, but I barely go to either one. I do have them tied so that anytime I publish a blog post, it automatically shows up on LI & G+.

I'm pretty happy with where my numbers are, but I know they will need to increase to get the attention of an advertiser and even more importantly how many comments and interaction my blog has. The real challenge is writing uniquely and originally. My style is to share my heart and in a way that I would if I were speaking to you in person as your friend. My goal is to make my blog interesting to keep you interested and coming back!

Anyhoo, back to the it, she mentions charging 10 CPM (clicks pageviews monthly, I'm assuming, the lesson doesn't indicate what the abbreviation stands for). So for example, if my blog gets 10,000 unique visitors per month on average, I should charge around $100 for a sponsored post...pretty impressive huh? But, for me just starting out, that's too much, so I will be thinking about this further as to be fair but also feel that it's worth my time.

What's involved in writing a sponsored post?

This is my opinion, but I think about it almost the same as writing any old post except I would be including the product the advertiser has sent me...I would incorporate it into the post. For example, if I get this beaded necklace to wear, I could write something about what I'm wearing to an event and then show off the necklace. But, it doesn't stop with the writing, there's photos that need to be taken (high quality pics) and possibly a video if applicable.

So, I'm off to work on this media kit, I need to get it done by this weekend to have it ready to send out. Thanks for reading this and sharing this journey with me!