Always Learning: Day 4 of my eCourse

Hey you guys! I'm trying to wrap up this series with this course, I've been really busy with the homework from the other days. So for Day 4, I'm learning how to write a successful sponsored post.

I believe I mentioned the differences between a sponsored post and a product review in my last blog entry, but just in case...a product review is an advertiser who sends me one of their products to use and write about what I like, dislike about it, etc., in other honest opinion about their product. You see these on sites like Amazon, Payless Shoes, Apple, and many others. It's how I knew to buy my JBL speakers for my Macbook some years ago. I was on the Apple site reading the positive reviews on these speakers and so I decided to buy them. Good choice!

Sponsored posts differ greatly from product reviews

A sponsored post is one where I am using an advertiser's product, but I'm adding it into a regular blog post so for example, let's say I get this new sample yarn to try out. I can write a post sharing a scarf pattern that I'm knitting or crocheting and mention the yarn I'm using for that pattern. My post is really about the scarf pattern, the yarn is an addictive. And the advertiser pays for the sponsored post and/or a product review.

So, that said...I'm learning some tips about writing a successful sponsored post. Product reviews are easier, because I've done many of those but I've never done sponsored posts before. Soooo...since my main thrust is working with yarn companies, writing about using yarn or even different crochet hooks or knitting needles will be more natural for me to write about.

Sample Sponsored Post

"This morning, I was looking for a simple pattern for a chunky scarf using the ___ stitch. Since I'm still a new knitter, I figured this stitch would be easy enough for my with nifty size 17 Susan Bates knitting needles. I love them so much! Well, I'm did some looking around and I found the perfect pattern. It calls for three different colors of yarn so I chose gray, green, and blue in the pic above which I think will work very well together for a man or woman. And because I'm using larger size needles, the scarf will work up fast. The yarn of choice is from blah blah blah company which is a bulky weight #5 and perfect to make the scarf for a cold winter's day..."

Well, this can be a starting paragraph and I can definitely tweak it, but at least I have an idea of how to work in a product for a sponsored post. 

Oh, and by the way, I finally finished my media kit! YAY! I've created a page, "Work with Me". Day 5 which is the last day of the course will be talking about when not to work with a brand. That'll be an interesting read and I'll share with you what I learn!