Don't Overlook those Small Blessings

I love the small blessings that I know that I know it was God that did it. They are equally if not more important than the big miracles. It makes you feel special that God is always thinking about you whether you're aware of it or not. These "little miracles" are what keeps my faith and hope going. They encourage me and makes me feel loved by God.

I remember a long time ago when I was running my foodie blog and working with an advertiser that provided me food samples to write reviews before the items went to the stores for selling. Well, one particular time I was going to receive a new bread to sample and I was eager to try it out, because I knew it was a higher quality than what we were able to afford at the time.

During those years, the economy had just collapsed and sole proprietors like my hubby and I were really suffering hard. We lost 80% of our clients and I remember quite clearly actually running out of food. It was not a good place to be in, but somehow God kept us going. Anyway, I remember one afternoon going to the kitchen to make a sammie and I prayed silently that I wished I could make that sandwich on the new bread. Just as I was taking a slice out of the bag, there's was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

The loaves of bread arrived! I danced all the way from the front door back to the kitchen! And that was the best sammy I ever ate, I mean that! WOW, and I had not told anyone of my prayer. Only God knew it. I didn't even know when the bread samples would arrive, because we never got USPS tracking numbers from the company. God got all the praise!

Another time I distinctly remember was it was my hubby's birthday. We had just enough money to buy him a birthday cake, but not enough to have both the cake and some ice cream. Again, I was going to receive some ice-cream sandwich samples, but didn't know when I would receive it. On the day of his birthday, I was decorating the living room and the breakfast bar and again I asked The Lord for some ice cream to go with the cake making sure I told nobody my prayer. It was just between me and The Lord. I wanted to see if He would answer me like He did with the bread. Just then, and I'm serious, a knock on the door!

"Who is it?"

The ice-cream sandwich samples came and I mixed it with the cake and it was so delicious! We had such a great celebration that night. God's done other sweet things like that for me, but I wanted to share these two experiences, because they meant so much to me when we were in a bad place in our life.

God knows how and when to encourage us when we're downtrodden, but He doesn't just give us small blessings during bad times. He blesses us "just because". He can work through other people or do it all by Himself. But don't discount His goodness just because it's not a humongous, earth shattering, split "The Red Sea" miracle! Those small blessings are just as important to keep hope close. Remember, all good gifts come from above! ~ (James 1:17).


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