Friday Foodie Fotos: Homemade Bread

We're in a dangerous part of the year, the Holidays and so we are tempted by desserts, Thanksgiving side dishes, potlucks, parties, and yes...homemade bread baking in the oven!

If you can stand it, read on. If not, I give you permission to come back for tomorrow's post! LOL! For those of us staying...get ready to drool!

Baguette just waiting to be cut in half and devoured!
Up close and personal, oh yummmmmmm-ooo
Croissants ~ one of my favorite breads to enjoy a BLT sammie!
Chocolate and bread, a match made in Heaven to enjoy on Earth!

Uh huh, come to mama!
I think I've made my point! Until next time...

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  1. I love all of that too. I must eat more

    1. I too need to eat more salad! But we can it with a piece of bread, right?! LOL!