Turkey Recipe Leftovers from Pinterest!

I know today is Friday Foodie Fotos Day, and I'm sure you're looking for some cool, drooling food pics right? Well...I think I've got something even better! Since this is the day after Thanksgiving, I thought I would share recipe ideas for all those leftover turkeys and side dishes that you could barely fit in your frig! AND...I found a bunch of them on Pinterest! So, I created a board called, "Thanksgiving thru Pics" and I'm sharing 11 delicious, but the board has much more! Be sure to check it out!

I used to struggle with what to do with all the leftovers that I had cooked and we grew tired of the typical turkey or ham sandwiches, but you can take that macaroni and cheese or green bean casserole and re-purpose them into a whole new dish! Click on any of the pins below and it'll take you to Pinterest where you'll see the full recipe. Let's have some fun!

1. Cranberry Pecan Turkey Salad
Turkey salad is like a chicken salad brought up to a whole new level!

2. Leftover Stuffin' Muffins
This is a great way to use up the stuffing, because the day after I usually don't like it as much.

3. Turkey Corn Chowder
On those cold mornings, this soup will do the body warm and serve it up with some of that extra cornbread you made!

4. Leftover Stuffing Waffles
Now this is a unique way to enjoy waffles!

5. Cheesy Leftover Turkey/Mashed Potato Bites
I think these bites would make a terrific appetizer for a party!

6. Cheesy Mashed Potato & Stuffing Patties
Serve these up with some link sausages and yum, yum, yum!

7. Turkey Chili
Ooooooo, I have GOT to try this!

8. Cornbread and Turkey Panzanella
I admit, I didn't know what panzanella is, LOL! It is a Tuscan salad made with anchovies, chopped salad vegetables, and bread soaked in dressing according to Google, still this is a gorgeous looking salad to the eyes.

9. Thanksgiving Pizza
WOW! I have never had a pizza made from Thanksgiving dishes so definitely is a must try!

10. Turkey, Cranberry and Brie Egg Rolls
Yes, Please!

11. Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich
This is what I call a Sammie!

Hope you enjoyed this line-up! Do let me know if you try any of these recipes or any from my board. See ya soon!


  1. Wow, all look yummy!! We ate out, so no leftovers but I will save some of these. Thanks

    1. I know! I will have to try some of the recipes too!