How Much do you Read?

I've never been a big reader and in fact I struggled all through grade school trying to learn to read. My problem was retention. I could understand the words and the meaning of sentences, but I couldn't remember nor recite what I had read and so it would take many times re-reading just one paragraph.

I worked really hard to pass my reading classes but I sure dreaded going. And the more I think about it now, the more it came clear to me that my school spent more time testing and scoring rather than actually teaching us kids to read. That's why it was so hard for me and when I got older, I didn't pick up a book for years.

I picked up reading again when I went to work and was studying computer network programming. I read many technical books and magazines. I found it relaxing as well as entertaining. And, you know... to be a reader doesn't mean you have to read big novels. With the informational age upon us, many of us read blog and online articles, eBooks on Kindle, eMagazines and eNewsletters, pamphlets and brochures, and small tracts.

With a busy schedule, I really try hard to find time for reading and that also includes my bible, so I'm sharing my reading list with you today:

  1. Eternity, a Tale of Two Men by Tony Evans
  2. Winning the Invisible Battle by Tony Evans
  3. A Love Rekindled by Margaret Daley 
Blogs I Read:

  1. Fiberflux, crochet, patterns, reviews
  2. Wool and the Gang, knitting, fashion production
  3. Wendy's Lookbook, fashion
  4. Bella Coco by Sarah-Jayne, crochet, lifestyle
  5. All about Ami, crochet, patterns
  6. Thirteen Thoughts, lifestyle
  7. Very Pink, knitting, video tutorials
  8. Stone Gable, home living ideas
  9. The 11th Apartment, illustration, lifestyle

So, what are you currently reading?


  1. I'm a Christian book editor, so I'm always reading: mostly books I'm editing, daily blogs and posts for editors/writers, and keeping up with the ever-changing writing industry. It's such a treat when I can read a book for pleasure. :-)

    Oddly enough, I was a computer programmer for the first two decades of my career. It was only because when computers were introduced to the business world, I LOVED learning how to make my life easier by utilizing all the built-in programming tools. all those years, I could NEVER read a computer or technical book. Never! (Still can't.) I'm a "hands'-on" person when it comes to technical things.

    I think everyone should read whatever keeps their attention & never compare themselves to anyone else. :-) One book I read every single day is the Bible--even if only a couple of verses. I enjoy reading from different versions & even listening to someone reading it to me on audio. God's words are truly alive and transforming...and for everyone!

    1. Dear EditsbyLora!
      I have a lot in common with you, I was a computer programmer/network specialist in the 90s and I transitioned to graphics. I definitely have the bible at the top of my list! And I love audio bible too, I have an app that I listen to, God bless you girly! Kim

  2. Hi Kim,

    It's interesting how we can be both techy and creative, isn't it? I do oil painting, photography (I'm a fan of your husband's work), music, etc. (I've been an epic failure at all knitting & crocheting, though! I have to admire from a distance, although I'm pretty good with handmaking cards.) It rare to find another female who is successful at logic & art, so I'm happy to find a kindred soul! :-)


    1. Oh so true! I love being a geek and a creator! hee hee! I also make my own cards too! WOW! And glad you like my hubby's work. He's has a fantastic eye for photography! Take care and blessings!

  3. Besides reading the bible, i am reading all of Janet evanovich series..