I Need His Grace

I use my blog as my creative outlet and it lets me be who I am as I share my heart. I typically like to keep things real around here, but always with a positive twist. There's enough turmoil going on in the world. It's not just in the streets, it's spilled over into social media. I've even limited my Facebook presence, because I am simply tired of seeing all the negative and downright nasty posts and comments.

I never thought that so much anger in the world would cause people to show a side of them that is just...for lack of another word...EVIL. Friends are no longer friends. Family members disowning other relatives because of who they voted for. It is so ridiculous and saddening. And if that's not enough, our country is in real trouble. Our attentions are towards the wrong things. Instead of rioting in the streets, blocking traffic, looting and destroying property, creating "hate the president-elect" Facebook groups, we should be trying to help each other and praying for our government.

We are prone to sin...

...prone to anger, hostility, depression, jealousy, slander, etc., yet He loved us enough to not leave us in these conditions. There is no way He can accept us unless we have His spirit which changes us when we receive Him. I was delivered from self-destructiveness, suicide, and a whole host of other issues. I thank God for saving me from myself. I didn't even realize the mess my life was in and He didn't leave me there to figure out how to get better. We cannot fix ourselves, no good work is enough to meet the standards of God who is holy.

As the direction is uncertain...

I know that it is His grace that I turn to. I used to think that one person can't change the whole world, but in a way that's not true. Jesus did it. We can't compare ourselves to Him as He is God in the flesh, but He wouldn't have given us His spirit, grace, and mercy if He didn't feel we could make a difference in our neck of the woods.

When God commands us to love, He meant to love the people we connect with, but if He meant for us to never be transformed from our sinful natures, He could have stayed in Heaven and let us just live out our lives on earth and die without any hope. But it was His great love that sent Him from His home to ours to die in our place, to take our sins onto His sinless body and to rise up to give us the help of His Holy Spirit which we so desperately needed.

I need His grace...WE ALL need His grace...