My Nighttime Routine

If you know me well, you know I'm a definite night owl. There's something about after hours when there's no more emails coming through, phone's not ringing, and there's no interruptions that attracts me.

After my daytime job is done and the evenings full of blog and craft stuff consisting of: writing new posts, training and development, answering social media comments, going through my project planner, and working on pending projects is done, it's time for some "me" time. And, yes I do have a nighttime routine!

First, I take about an hour right after work to just sit quietly and let the stresses of the day just go. I try not to think of anything. I just close my eyes and sometimes I might take a short snooze.

Then I take some time to play games on my iPad. I've been a gamer since I was a little girl. I played with my mother and little brother, because it was a great way for us to bond and to have some kind of fun while growing up in the bad neighborhoods of Chicago. And to this day, I still love games.

Simulation games are my favorites and so I play: Chef Town and Fashion Design World. I run a restaurant and grow veggies, fruits, and herbs while feeding patrons and completing take out orders. The other one I run my boutique, stocking the shelves with accessories and the racks with clothes that are formal/informal, sport, glamor, and casual. Both games are a fun way to relax.

The other thing I love to do before bedtime is catch up on some blog reading through my BlogLovin app. And, by the way, if you don't follow me there, click here so you'll get alerts through the app every time I publish a new post.

I follow crochet and knitting and a few fashion and beauty blogs...and also, a couple of bloggers that write good articles on blogging. Also, I collect photos of patterns I want to try out or pics of hats and fashion items too. I enjoy going through my photo collections for inspiration with my cup of raspberry tea or raspberry lemonade mixed in my sparkling water.

After my reading, I go into the kitchen to talk to God about my day and how I'm feeling. I like doing that. It feels like I'm having tea with a good friend. And, I don't forget to thank Him that I made it through the day and that I have a comfortable bed to lay in. I don't take that for granted. I've slept on the floor before. And, I love to look out the window at the trees outside and sometimes the wind is blowing and I'm fascinated watching it blow the leaves.

The last thing I usually do is grab my iPad and turn on a sermon, go to the bathroom and do my beauty routine. It's pretty simple, I splash my face with water, put oil in my hair, and take off any makeup. Then I rub down with my favorite lotion (Japanese blossom) and off to bed I go.

I pray in bed for my friends and families and any needs that God brings to my mind. Sometimes, my Facebook friends post prayer requests and I take them to The Lord. I pray for sweet sleep for everyone I love. I've also been praying a lot about our country and lastly for my hubby and my needs. I try to put us last when it comes to what we need answers for, cause I just feel so many are going through so many worse things. And, when I'm done praying I know He has heard me and I believe He will provide and I feel better.

And not long after, my eyes get heavy and zzzzzz.....I'm asleep! Nighty night....


  1. You are a very sweet person and I love your blogs. You are so talented.
    Love You

    1. aHHHHH Sue! Thank you, I think the world of you too! Love you back!