PINS I Love: Home and Workspace by Color

Recently on Pinterest, I've been seeing so many designs for home and home offices by color and it's fascinating to me. I'm a neutrals girl but with a rose gold twist! And if you ask me why I went the way of neutrals/pastels, I have to say that they relax me with their clean, minimalist finish. I tried several designs for my own home office but I never felt comfortable. I needed to find colors that would inspire me to create. I need that kind of environment around me.

I researched and learned more about color and then finally, it dawned on me! The way I was designing websites with plenty of whitespace and neutral colors was the way I wanted my office space to look. It took time but here and there, I replaced different pieces like my chair, recycle bin, lamp, even my sewing machine station. I added in pinks, rose, whites, marble on my table and I made myself an oversized mouse pad that doubles as a photo backdrop. There's still other pieces I want to replace but for now I'm very satisfied.

So in today's post, I'm sharing some Pins that really grabbed my attention. Here's the line-up:

I'm not big on blue for an interior color, but this space caught my eye. The way it was designed works because of the shade of blue and the designer didn't go overboard with it. It could easily be a dominating color, but the grays, neutral tones balances out the room, and the old wooden table for the desk adds a bit of character.

I really am loving greens and I really like how it is introduced in this office space as an accent color, the rug is one of my favorite things in this room.

The classic black and white adds richness and a creative professionalism to this office space. Love it!

I am a big fan of comfy bedspreads and I like the pastel-ish blue turquose colors with grays, so soothing. I could get a good night's sleep in this bed!

How wonderfully girly?! I am falling in love with rose gold and I think it adds such a flair to a fashion enthusiast home office!

This has got to be my favorite home office design, I absolutely love the design of the shelves and of course I adore the color scheme!

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