Promotional Week: Christmas Handcrafted Sock Snowmen

Last year, I introduced my very first collection of about 50 sock snowmen (some of them are in the picture above) and they were a BIG hit! I'm down to my last 8 and these MUST go to good homes! This is the final edition of these 'lil guys so get em fast!

They are $10 ea. + $6 s/h, except for one of them which is a set for $15. I'm selling these in my Etsy shop so when you click the picture below, you'll be redirected there to order.

They each have their own personalities! Fun to make.

Each one is weighted down with rice so they hold their shape and stand upright so they weigh around 1-1/2 lbs. A super cute gift for someone special! And, there's other items in my Etsy shop too!

Happy Shopping!
Tomorrow is Promotional Week #3 and a's for the yarner!