Always Learning: Day 5 of my eCourse

Woot Woot! I've reached the last day of my 5-day eCourse! If you're coming to this post for the first time, then I recommend you click here to go to Day 1 to get caught up with this series of posts. For the rest of us, let me get right down to what I learned on this last day.

I mentioned in Day 4's post that the topic for this day would be on when NOT to work with a brand. I thought this was going to be interesting to learn about because it made me remember a time when I had to fire a client.

It's a long story, but in a nutshell, the client, I'll call him Danny, was more than difficult to please. He was impossible and getting paid for work done was a nightmare. He actually called me one day screaming at me that I didn't need to call him to remind him of an unpaid invoice I had faxed over. I just sat there and let him go off for more than 10 minutes. Finally, he got quiet and I explained to him that I just had my fax machine serviced and I followed up with the phone call, because I wasn't sure my faxes were going through. I had been doing business with him for over a year and that incident was the camel that broke the straw back! (I meant to say it that way!) I politely had a conversation with him after this happened that I would not be able to continue working with him. It was a hard decision but a good one. Anytime I had a client that caused me so much stress where working for them is like an ape on my back, it's time to reassess. Fortunately, for me, this was a one-time incident. So enough about me, let's get to the lesson...

In reading through the material, blogging for business is quite different than offering a service from home such as what I used to (web designing).

So, when is it best NOT to work with a brand?

  1. Brands not offering much in return. If a company reaches out to me and wants me to write a sponsored post for their product, but isn't willing to compensate me for what I feel is worth my time, then I will take a pass. There's a lot involved with putting together a blog post. For example, I need time to use their product, then write down my honest impressions, take photos, publish and promote the post. On average, it can take me anywhere from 2 hours up to 1 day working on 1 post. I want a win/win combination, but I also need to look out for my best interest too.
  2. Brands that ask me not to link back to them. I found out more about this in a separate article. If you do a lot of internet surfing (reading blog posts, shopping, etc.), you'll notice links that lead to other websites. In fact, on my blog, I will link to other sites especially affiliate sites when I'm promoting a product. For example, say Company A contacts me to write a sponsored post on this new line of lipsticks they have, but they ask me to not link to their website. That's a No-No and I would wonder what they are hiding.
  3. I'm asked NOT to tell my readers I'm being paid for the sponsored post or product review. This would be lying and why would I do that? I would not have faith in this company and therefore I'd be more inclined to tell you, my readers, to beware of them.
  4. I wouldn't use their product. If I were contacted to promote fluorescent light bulbs, I would turn that down. I know it would be hard to reject the income especially if the compensation were good, but the fact is, I know nothing about light bulbs except how to change my lamps + the most important reason...light bulbs doesn't fit the brand of I started this blog to share what I love and I knew I only wanted to write about what interested me and that I had plenty of experience with.
  5. The brand doesn't concur with my beliefs/values. Suppose a group that promotes a political or religious stance that goes against mine, I would politely turn down.
Of course any agreement can be negotiated, but the bottom line is that I will be as selective in choosing which brands to work with as I am with the types of photos and ads I put up. 

I really enjoyed this free eCourse and I'm sure I will re-read the material; also glad to share it with you guys and take you along on my journey! If you are a blogger that works with brands and has experience with it, feel free to share any tips you have for me in the comments below. I'd love to read them!

Until next time, chao!