Beauty on the Inside

Like any woman, I care about what I look like even at age 50+ something. I take time in the mornings on beautifying myself! I love to dress for work even though I work from a home office. I enjoy following fashion and beauty blogs and I take tips from YouTube beauty gurus. But, there's one beauty that's equally and...even more important...inner beauty.

Have you ever met someone that was gorgeous? I mean hair in place, pretty face, knock down, double take smile? And it seems she has the perfect shape, the one you wish you had? But when you met her and got to know her, it turns out she has the nastiest attitude? She thinks she's better than everybody else because of her outward beauty. I've met women like that and I found myself not seeing anything pretty about them. It was because the inner personality overshadowed the outward appearance.

Jesus says He looks at our heart. Is my heart as beautiful as I want to be on the outside? Am I examining myself constantly to see if I'm demonstrating genuine love, kindness, and tenderness to my husband, my family, my friends? If not, how can I say I love God? And all the eyeshadow in the world won't make me beautiful if my attitude is ugly.

And on the flip side, have you ever met a lady that wasn't as physically attractive, but had the sweetest disposition and it made her look beautiful? Funny how that happens, but God made us in such a way that it is our soul/heart that stands out. It is the thing that lives on after the body is wrinkled, hair is white, and bones are sagging. It's important that us women leave a good legacy behind, something that the younger generation can learn from and take into their adulthood.

I wish I had thought of all this when I was younger, but nevertheless, I want to leave something behind that is more valuable than vanity. When I'm remembered, what qualities do I want others to think about me? Have I done enough with my life that changed another lady for the better? Did I say anything that's made a difference in a young person's life? And, what can I do now that will have lasting value?

It's these inner qualities that make a woman beautiful on the outside. Nothing is wrong at all with wearing nice clothes, going to the spa, wearing flattering accessories, and trying out new beauty products. I'll continue trying new nail polishes, but I won't forget that these things are temporal and what I really want is to have beauty on the inside.


  1. Yes you are a beautiful person in and out. Love your blogs

    1. Ah thank you Sue! You are beautiful in and out too my sister! :)