Breakfast and my To-do List

Before I start my workday, I like to write down my to-do list. It helps me stay on track with pending projects. But I also keep a list of other tasks like: household, blogging, meeting schedules, and even personal things I need to do for myself. I love staying organized.

For my day job, I made myself a journal using my cinch machine and it's perfect for writing down my tasks lists. It measures about 5" x 6". To keep things separated, I use my new Happy Planner for all my other to-do lists. I also categorize each task by importance with colored stickers so that the urgent projects get my immediate attention. 

I'd go Crazy without my To-do List

When you are a multi-tasker like myself, lists are your best friend. I used to have a steel trap mind and I could remember most everything I was doing, but not as much now. Projects I work on for day and evening can have several parts to them and each one has to be broken down. Keeping a list of these tasks helps me keep things moving so I don't miss any deadlines.

The mornings are the best time for me to write down my to-do lists. My mind's fresh and ready. As I get something done, I check it off as completed. Anything I don't get to that day gets rolled over to the next day and I don't let it bother me. I feel that if I can finish a couple of tasks, then I know I've accomplished my goal at the end of the day.

Plus, I enjoy working on my lists over a light breakfast. Gives me energy and excitement for a new day.

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