Can you Really be Happy?

This is an age-old question that most of us asks ourselves a lot. I believe the answer is yes and no. We can surround ourselves with the things and people we love and still be unhappy. We can have our faith in God along with the things and people we love and still be unhappy too. So can we really be happy?

There are times when we are happy and life isn't always going our way. But it's okay not to always feel happy for it is an emotion that changes. I believe we have to choose happiness as a state of mind. That's what Paul says when he said he learned to "be content in all situations..." (Philippians 4:11). It was not something that came natural to him and it won't always for us either. I have to work hard at it.

I love creating fashions, greeting cards, journals, web graphics, writing, singing, and beauty. I surround myself with these everyday to help me remain creative and full of ideas. But I have to choose to be happy, especially on the days where I'm struggling to write a post or create a flyer. I talk to God about how I'm feeling and ask Him to fill my heart with His ideas and vision. That always helps me knowing that I can talk to someone who truly understands how I am emotionally all the time.

But, now when I pray, I do feel better but that doesn't mean the situation improves, most times than not, it doesn't change at all. But I do. I like to be real with myself. I never want to fake it till I make it. If I'm unhappy about something, I just am. The Lord knows how to help me get back on track. These are the days where I have to force a smile, but I'm usually glad I do. My days goes by better smiling than frowning.

Can we Just be Happy? Yes and no. But, on those "no" times, smiling through the pain is better cause while we're grinning, He's working!