How I Prepare my Blog Posts

You might often think when you read blogs how do we writers and content creators come up with the topics we publish and overall how we prepare posts. I thought today I'd share with you how I write and post for this blog.

First off, there is no right or wrong way to blog. Everyone who is a writer has their own unique plan and it's fun for me to read other bloggers because I learn so much and it's my goal to continually improve as a writer and designer.

I'm a crafter and designer, but first I'm a Christian.

Soooo... this might sound cliche but I always pray about what to write. I'm a crafter and designer, but first I'm a Christian. My heart and soul is to share my faith and how my life has dramatically changed over the years since I got saved. So, to me it makes sense to ask The Lord what He would want me to share. I usually am quiet until I hear something in my spirit and heart. Then I write down a few topic subjects in my planner.

Once I write down a topic, I begin to research it. For example, when I do the "PINS I Love" series, I go to my Pinterest account and look at pins to see which ones to share and the research is looking for ones that fit the subject of the post.

Other posts require more writing so I usually start a draft post and I begin typing. I rarely finish a post right away. Oftentimes, I'll write a couple paragraphs and then take a break and come back to the post later. I love to share my heart so the words for me usually come easily. But, that said I do have times that I suffer from writer's cramp and in those moments, I may take a couple days away and do something else like finish a knitting or crochet pattern. I notice that when I focus on something else, the writing crave comes back.

Photography is key for me. When I first got started, my photos weren't good at all. I am definitely NOT my husband who is a pro nature photographer. You might wonder if he could take all my pics, but there is a HUGE difference between taking photos of natural scenery, wildlife, nature and product photography. He shoots what his eyes see, I have to set up a studio and stage what I'm photographing. You will see some of my pics here, but for the most part...and, I admit I'm bad at it!

So, when I realized that I would not be taking my own photos a lot, I started a budget for buying stock photos, but it quickly became costly especially if you use more than one photo in a post and you're blogging daily like me. I began looking for help and I found a couple websites where other photographers share their work under the Creative Commons license or public domain and they don't require attribution, although as a courtesy I like to give them credit. However, I wasn't happy with the kinds of photos that I was using and I couldn't find the look I was going for. I'm sure you've noticed that I like minimalism and my look here is usually a lot of white with a mix of pastels. I wanted a pretty blog. But finding appropriate photos for my vision was hard.

This article was so helpful as I was looking for high resolution, excellent quality, and pretty photography that is free or low cost and most importantly that I have permission to use. I am very careful about this. I read and re-read the terms of use and did my homework. I still try to use more bought photos but when my wallet is in a punch, it's nice to know I have some resources to fall back on. That said, my advice is always, if the terms for a photo aren't clearly written, try to email the photographer to ask for permission and let them know what you want to use their picture for. If you don't get a response, I would look for another photo. It's not worth the trouble if you use a picture without proper permission.

I preview my posts several times before I schedule them for grammar and spelling. I will tweak and tweak, it's the perfectionist in me! My goal is to write something everyday and publish daily. I try to stay a week ahead so that I'm not stressing to get something out. This has helped me so much.

I read other blogs a lot.

I do visit other bloggers and read through articles of interest to me. This helps me stay on top of trends, new technology and/or craft, fashion to give me ideas for future posts. And, I keep my planner nearby to capture what thoughts come in my head! It's a lot of work, thinking and planning but I can't think of a better job for an introvert like me.

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