How to Properly Multi-task

Everything I knew about multi-tasking is changing for me. I've been so used to handling several projects at the same time and manage them all with 100% focus. But, I really don't want to work at such a fast pace anymore. I believe there's a better way to handle multiple projects smarter. One of biggest reasons for my mental collapse came from trying to do way too much in lightning speeds.

I'm sharing a few tips just in case you're like me and trying to balance your life better:

  • Delegate. I wrote down all that I do on paper and I began delegating some tasks. For my day job, I handle quite a lot of administrative work in addition to my own position and I know I can't do both jobs. So, I've been turning over these projects to the new administrative assistant. This will free up a lot of my time to focus on what I was hired to do.
  • Blocking out time on one project at a time. I think this is the key to multi-tasking successfully. Work on one thing at a time and it may be a couple of hours but during that time, don't answer phones, emails, etc. This way I can focus better without getting caught up with a lot of interruptions.
  • Take on only tasks that will give a return. I don't like being busy for the sake of being busy. So, I had to take a real close look at some of the things I was doing and found that I could actually let them go entirely.
  • Give yourself a realistic deadline. If I know a task will take about a couple of weeks, then I use that time to work at my own pace. I used to try to get everything done in a day and that's just crazy!
There's nothing wrong with being busy as long as it's under control.

I am also taking a lesson on how I handle multiple craft projects. I organize each pattern into its own bag and everything about that pattern goes into the bag: yarn, crochet hook(s) or knitting needles, etc. When I'm done working on that pattern, I put it away until I'm ready to pick it up again.

I also love to keep my desk clear. Too much stuff around me makes me scatter brained! As much I can, I try organize and keep each project separately. Then, I clear off my desk. Organization is essential to handling a lot of projects.

As far as other things like appointments/meetings, I keep my Happy Planner nearby. I love it, because it keeps me on track each day with what's going on. I highly recommend a planner if you have a lot to keep up with and I try not to overbook myself. In other words, I don't schedule four meetings back to back the same week. I spread them out.

Another problem I've had is getting mad at myself when I didn't get as much as done as I wanted to. I actually wanted to check off my whole to-do list everyday. Well, that's just not always possible. And, when I have days where only one thing is done, I cut myself some slack.

When my day job is over for the day, it's over. No more working long hours into the night and then trying to fit in crafting, writing, cooking, you get what I'm saying. I stop work at 4 PM and then the rest of the evening is divided into segments where I'll do some writing for a couple of hours then doing a little crochet and knitting. I find that my day is more fun and easy when I don't put myself under so much pressure.

Plus, other things come first. At the end of it all, I want to enjoy what I do.