In the Holiday Spirit

I made this mistake every year around this time except now...I would get in this funny mood around September and then I would decorate early for Christmas. Then what would happen is around November, I was ready to take it all down when everyone else was just getting started with their deco.

I have some quirky ways about me...I can find out the end of a movie and then go back and watch it from the beginning to end. Same thing with a book, I'd read the last few pages before I read the start. The only thing I can attribute it to is that I want to know how things end and my hope is that it's a happy ending. Not sure how to tie this to decorating too early, but I know it actually spoils the end of the year if I start too early. So maybe by me going immediately to the end, I'm spoiling the plot and the stages of the story or movie leading to its ending. I'm missing out on the most important parts.

So I worked hard this year to break this habit! I'm happy to say I did. I actually planned out when I would do certain tasks from cooking all the Thanksgiving dishes to the dates that I would start decorating the house. I kept to this schedule cause I knew that if I started too early, the same thing would happen again...I'd want to take it down before Christmas and this year I wanted to enjoy the season.

And this changed my thought process too. I'm actually in the holiday mood at the right time.