Introverted and a Business Owner

This has been on my heart for a long time and I would like to take a stab at explaining that being an introvert doesn't mean weirdness, anti-social, or that there's something deeply wrong. This subject is near and dear to my heart, because this feeling of appearing strange has followed me for a long time.

When I was growing up, I was very shy and didn't talk at all for years through most of grade school. I eventually learned how to speak up for myself, but during my early years I was bullied and picked on frequently, because I preferred to play alone. I loved drawing my own comic books and writing poetry. I got so much fun out of it. I was able to do my homework quickly and then I would draw and make up clever stories for my comics and I never understood why others thought something was wrong with me.

Yes, it's true that introverts get their strength and creativeness inwards, but it doesn't mean that that we draw up and sit in a corner all day. I am not an analyzer, however if a person does that, it might mean depression rather than being introverted.

There's positives and negatives in any personality trait

I absolutely admire people who can walk up to any stranger and strike up a conversation with them. I think that is a definite positive. I realized that I'm not that kind of person and it's taken me a long time to be okay in my own skin. I hope that I can encourage you if you happen to be introverted and you're feeling out of place.

I think it's just human nature to label what we don't understand and most times we get it wrong and unfortunately people get hurt. I struggled to find my place too, but with the help of prayer, an understanding hubby, and a few close friends I began to become comfortable and confident in who I am. And, that has helped me in business.

Who knew that all those years of writing poetry that I would grow up to be a blogger and hopefully full time soon! I so enjoy writing. It's my way of talking to a stranger. Words have power. Many of my business contacts began with an email.

How has being Introverted helped me in business?

  1. Working a creative job. I have a creative day job and so many ideas for how I design flyers, ads, and my client's website come from my own imagination or inspiration from other websites, books, and magazines I look through. 
  2. Working with little in person interaction. My client is located in Florida and I'm in Oregon so I don't see them face to face. We communicate primarily through eMail. I can spend many hours in front of the computer perfectly okay.
  3. Working a home-based business. You have to have a discipline to be able to work from home and I have had to make changes in order to keep it separate from my personal life (may write this as a separate blog post). But, I enjoy working with my hubby and we don't have a boss over us. He takes amazing photos and advertises them in many ways and his customers buy from a local art center, our website, and local art shows we work. My part is behind the scenes maintaining the website, graphic design, and providing administrative support.
I actually have always been more comfortable in small settings with two or three close friends and building close relationships. But, in social settings where you're talking to strangers or acquaintances, you're not really able to get to know anyone because you're just "chit-chatting" which makes me uncomfortable. So, there are a few things I try to do whenever I'm in this situation that have helped:

  1. Don't panic. Introverts typically don't talk in front of people a lot. I'm sure there are exceptions, but I know that I can't stand being the center of attention. So, I tell myself to breathe if I find myself in a difficult social situation.
  2. Ask questions. I ask questions about the other person and listen to them. That is one of the positives of being introverted. I take in what the other person is saying and it gives me a chance to think about what to say next. And it's possible to break the ice resulting in either a good networking contact or maybe a new friend.
I hope I've given you a snapshot into my world, but if you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments or you can always click the pink "contact me" button on the right side of the screen.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love your blog. You are a blessed person.

    1. Oh thank you Sue, so glad you enjoy it, it blesses my heart!

  2. It's my way of talking to a stranger. Words have power. Love this sis! Whether we are introverted or extroverted or like me, both, recognizing which you are, understanding how it works best for you and loving yourself are vital! God made us all different so that we would be complete. Embrace both. <3

    1. Glad you liked the post Sissy, sometimes certain subjects are hard to discuss, but this was near and dear to my heart. God indeed likes all our differences, wished that people would too :)