My Own Savvy Fashion Sense

I do like to follow fashion trends...well some of them I should say! Some styles I don't understand but that said, I do like to see the different colors that are popular and even what products other beauty gurus are using and why. Because my skin and taste changes, I'm always looking for what will work for me.

I'm drawn a lot to visual things like photos and video tutorials. For instance, I collect pictures of ladies wearing all kinds of hats from knitted beanies and 50's cloche hats to the wide brim Kentucky derby hats. I style my outfits around my hat collection. Oftentimes I start with a color in my head, then I search for the right hat. After that, I go to the outfit starting with the dress or skirt or if I'm going to go with wide legged slacks. It seems easier for me to pick out the outfit in that order and I find it so much fun.

The other way I find ideas are in magazines. And they're not necessarily beauty or fashion. I like interior design magazines too. I love home decor and sometimes a picture of a mantel over a fireplace can spark an idea for an outfit. I also love to watch beauty videos to learn about new skincare products. I frequent our local dollar store to try new eyeliners and nail colors which incidentally I'm growing a nice collection.

I also subscribe to sites like Payless Shoes that send me sales ads all the time. Another thing that I attribute to my own savvy fashion sense is going to thrift stores. When hubby and I lived in Florida, we didn't have many of these in our neighborhood. In fact, we had one consignment shop and the prices there were still retail. Here in this little town we live in, we have several thrift stores and the clothing line is impressive. In fact, it is where I get 95% of my hats.

Outfit: Black/Silver sequin dress from a local thrift store, shawl belonged to my late grandmother from the 1950s, knitted hat is from the same thrift store as the dress, black booties from Payless Shoes, gloves from Joann's Fabrics, and jewelry from Fred Meyer's apparel.

Outfit: Ruffed top, skirt, and scarf (band around hat) were gifted to me, shoes from Payless, gloves, Joann's Fabrics, hat from a local thrift store, pearl necklace from a local garage sale.
These are two of my favorite SOOTDs (Sunday Outfit of the Day) and they both started with the hat. I love ruffles and all my wardrobe has to be comfortable as well as stylish. For years, I used to wear clothes too large for me and I never felt confident nor pretty. I guess I had to learn to like myself and how I look. As I've gotten older, some things aren't as important like spending countless hours in the mirror putting on all my makeup. Now, I keep it simple. I wear black eyeliner, lipslick (cross between a lip stick and lip gloss by Cover Girl), and I do brush my eyebrows cause I need help there! Sometimes, for a special occasion I'll wear eyeshadow.

For skin products, again it's simple :). Regular soap, nothing special there and I love my Japanese Blossom scented body lotion from the Dollar Tree. I never thought I could find lotions from there that would moisturize my extra dry skin but this lotion is awesome. I keep a bottle on my desk to reach for it throughout the day when I need it. Has such a nice scent and it's pink! Can't go wrong with pink, my favorite color!

If you ask me to give you a phrase that would describe my style, then I'd have to say, "Stylish with a Modest Twist". I don't believe in looking frumpy just because I'm a modest dresser. I believe in real femininity and embrace it very much.

Thanks for coming along my journey today!

Photos courtesy of and Ken McDougal Photography


  1. Sweet! I love your SOODTs! Were missing all your Holiday SOOTDs! Love your style! Love you!

    1. And I have you to thank for the SOOTDs, cause it was your idea! They will be back! Love your style as you are my inspiration to dress like a lady! Love you back my Sister!