Peek-a-boo! I See You!

Ever feel like your prayers to God go unanswered? Does He see me? Does He really care what I'm going through? Seems like He's nowhere around. I admit to you, I think this sometimes especially when I'm in the middle of a crisis. And, this is the time when I hear nothing in my spirit that I have to fall back on old fashion bible faith.

The Bible is my Rock.

The best thing for me is to go to the Word and read about some of the early Christians and how they handled their problems when they got frustrated, depressed, and fearful. I'm so thankful that their accounts are clearly written so that I would have them as testimonies for my life. Reading about how King Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20) had armies coming that he couldn't fight. He was scared, but what did he do? Prayed, he laid it all out before God and his prayer was answered.

David was depressed... his enemies was trying to take his life, mainly King Saul. I have to say that I can't even relate to having to live my life on the run everyday, but he did. And he encouraged himself most of the time in the Lord even saying, "Why are you cast down, o my soul?, hope in God!..." (Psalm 42:5)

Esther had to go before the king, her husband, to appeal for her people, the Jews, who were supposed to exterminated by Haman. She must have been scared. She asked for the Jews to fast for her three days before she was to see the king. And, God came through in a big way for her.

Hannah, barren and tormented, cried before The Lord and He answered her with her son, Samuel. But it didn't happen until she got to a desperate state.

Just sharing a few of the stories that keep me going when I'm waiting for God to answer me, (there are so many more), when I'm afraid and anxious and then I know, He does see me. And yes, He does care deeply. AND...He sees you too. Invite Him to come right where you are.

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