Showcase your Pinterest Boards

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest adding new pins and boards and also preparing posts for the "PINS I Love" series, but today as I was in there, I noticed something different. It was Showcase your PINS.

Now, this feature is only for Pinterest for Business accounts. If you're using your personal Pinterest account to promote your business, you have to convert it to a business account. Click here to do that!

Here's a short video of how to set it up. If you can't view it, click here to see it on YouTube and then come back here for my tips!

The showcase is a little slideshow that plays the pictures in your PINS that shows up on your profile. This is a great if you're selling products on Pinterest to get them in front of your customers.

Here's my tips when I set mine up:

  1. You get up to 5 slots to showcase 5 boards, so I picked the best of mine and I have a lot of pins on each of these boards.
  2. I plan to change out the boards seasonally to keep the content fresh and new.
  3. I don't pin everything I see. I'm very selective about what I want to appear in my boards and everytime I pin something, it automatically gets posted here on the blog so I want to be sure that (a) the pin is interesting to share; and (b) that it is graphical and visually appealing to appear here.
  4. If I'm pinning my own content, I start with really good photography. And I choose pretty fonts for my message. Below is a snapshot of my business board.

It doesn't take long to set this up once you pick out the 5 boards you want to showcase. Nice little feature!