When I was a Child

Today was a tough day for me, handling deadlines, balancing accounts, bills, making decisions... and it got me to thinking how life was easy when I was a child, at least in my mind. I was strange in that I wasn't eager to grow up.

Back then, I had some of the most simple and sometimes silly thoughts and actions and I thought I'd share some with you. I'm sure you can identify with at least one of these:

  1. I thought there were people inside the radio making it speak.
  2. I couldn't pronounce grandma or grandmother, so I used to say "grog grog" and later I added a 'y' so she was Groggy until she passed away in 1999. 
  3. I pronounced spaghetti as basghetti.
  4. I couldn't understand why when you turn off the TV and turned it on hours later that the program wouldn't pick up where we left off!
  5. I didn't realize that every time I had a birthday so did my mother, I thought she be the same age forever.
  6. I liked eating chalk.
  7. I thought everybody lived "happily ever after".
  8. I thought street cleaning machines would suck me under them and turn me into soap.
  9. All was right in the world with McDonald's cheeseburger, fries, and a vanilla shake!
I confess I thought this when M&Ms started showing up in blue coloring. I was convinced they gave me a sore throat because of the blue food coloring! 

Oh my! These kinda made me chuckle, so tell me what did you think when you were a kid?
photo courtesy of pexels.com.