Why I Like to Dress Up

I didn't always like girly things. In fact, I was the biggest tomboy ever when I was young. I enjoyed playing basketball and football with the boys. I even disliked Home EC classes in high school. Our final grade was that we were supposed to sew our own skirts and wear them on the last day. I struggled so bad, because at the time I didn't like sewing. I enjoyed cooking, but that's a different story.

Anyhoo, I didn't even like makeup, dresses, high heels or anything to do with having a "fashion sense". It wasn't until I was 18 years old that I got interested in all that. But when I did, oh look out! I discovered my femininty and loved it! Some of my favorite pieces to wear are bracelets, ruffled skirts and dresses, lacy gloves, and of course hats! I didn't discover hats until a year ago.

Dressing up gives me a sense of empowerment

I like feeling put together and it doesn't have to be a dress, I can put on a pair of jeans with a cute top with an infinity scarf and sandals and feel pretty. It's about feeling confident in who I am as a person. I believe in "Styling Modest" which means I don't wear tight fitted, open cleavage clothes! I truly want to represent The Lord well and myself when I dress. I think you can be elegant, classy, and trendy without showing off a lot of excess skin and curves!

I never had a complete wardrobe that I could easily change from day to evening to casual wear before until now. When we first moved to Oregon, I didn't have a lot to wear but slowly and surely, I rebuilt my clothes picking and choosing what looks good on my body type as well as what colors would look nice against my skin color. I think that is very important for us women. When you know what colors looks good on you and what kind of style you like, it's easy to build a capsule clothing line (interchangeable and go-to pieces). And when you're wearing an outfit that looks and fits nicely, and comfortable, you can't help but feel empowered in a good way.

Dressing Modestly is a Ministry

I look at my outfits as a way to minister. Sometimes, there's a misconception that dressing modestly means frumpy. But it doesn't have to. And as long as I'm not obsessed with clothes, shopping...making it an idol it's fine to be fashionable. I have so much fun mixing and matching my pieces together. I like letting others know that serving The Lord doesn't mean I am repressed. I believe He wants us Christian women to look good for Him.

I get asked a lot about how many hats I have and how I match them up with my outfits. Well, I have about 35 right now and I typically start with the hat for formal wear. If I'm going more casual, I usually start from the top down. And I typically plan my outfits for the whole week ahead of time so I might do a theme like one week I'll wear maxi dresses/skirts, and on another week I'll wear black/white.

How do you build a wardrobe?

One piece at a time if that's all you can do. I'm not rich and in fact I no longer can shop at stores like Macy's or Marshalls. I get a lot of my pieces from local thrift stores and all my hats come that way too. We have several in town and I enjoy going there to shop. It's like I'm on a hunt for a rare gem.

So, it took a few months for me when we moved to Oregon to have my wardrobe completed but I also took my time and I kept true to what I wanted. For one thing, we have a tiny apartment and so I no longer have my walk-in closets and shoe shelves. I have to be extremely frugal and creative in how I store my hats and hang my clothes. Most of them are folded in tubs. I bought some of those over the door hooks from the dollar store to hang up my capsule pieces and my weekly outfits on my studio door. I have a small 3/4 closet to hang up outerwear and some of my dresses.

My hubby bought me one of those plastic shelves that you assemble for my hats to sit on and it worked out perfectly so that I can add more easily. The accessories I make like fingerless gloves, scarves, shawls, and wraps I keep in drawers, or hanging on my two mannequins. I organized them so that I have no problem finding something except that black velvet stoal that goes with my gown...but don't get me started on that!!!

I also love to dress up though I work for home. It makes me more productive. My day job is for a professional business and working in my jammies just doesn't work for me anymore. I tried that and I would feel sleepy and tired all day. I noticed that when I started wearing business casual wear, my deadlines got met easier, I felt more energetic, and I got a lot done at the end of the day. It doesn't work for everyone, but for me it saved my job!

My last reason is I simply love and adore the fashion of the 1930s - 50s. Men wore hats and suits and tuxedos. Women wore those beautiful hats, gowns, dresses, gloves and heels. People seemed to really cared how they matched their clothes and I absolutely love that! I'd love to see that come back into style. So now you know why I like to dress up!

Until next time...


  1. Very nice Kim. Nostalgic flair! You do have a special ministry with your lovely but modest dress. I know that blesses many to follow your SOOTD picture posts.

    1. Thank you so much! I do enjoy the SOOTD (Sunday Outfit of the Day) and I'll pick that back up soon too!