Be a Fan of What You Do

This post title might sound a little weird and I thought so too when I heard it in my head. However, I'm always thinking and writing down new topics to share and the goal is to make them interesting and innovative. As I mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, I've been looking at some of my older posts and reviving them to re-publish. As I began to read, I found myself drawn in as if I was reading it for the first time. Believe me, I'm not being biased, I really enjoyed what I had written.

As a writer, my main focus is of course...writing. I proof my blog posts before I schedule them, but I rarely go back and just read them. I was really surprised at how my writing style has changed over the years and I became a fan of my own work.

And this doesn't just apply to writing, but whatever you do whether it be a hobby or work. Take joy in the finished works you do, not in a conceited way, but as a person thankful and proud of your accomplishment.

When you're proud of what you do, it's easy to market the product or service. 

When I was starting out as a creator, I didn't have any experience so I did a lot of free work until I was comfortable enough to start charging. I liked my designs and I was sure I could make a living out of it. When you're proud of what you do, it's easy to market the product or service.

I also think being a fan of what I do allows me to see how I've grown. I can learn how to become an even better writer and crafter. We never reach a part where we can't improve. There's always more to learn.

Being your own fan doesn't mean you are vain, it simply means you stand behind your work and you're comfortable in your own skin.

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  1. I know that you write, design and retail work that began with prayer. Meaning that you invited God into your projects. To not like what comes from your hands, would be to not like what God designed. I can see that you have found favor with God. Your work, while always good, reaches even higher. Blessings!

    1. That's right, it's like telling God He made a mistake in giving me the gifts He's given me and He doesn't make mistakes. When He created the universe, He looked at everything He made and said, It is good meaning He took pleasure of what He created so it makes sense that we should also take pleasure in what we create which gives glory back to Him. :)