Blogging About What I Love

Everything in this photo is what I love to blog about, fashion, technology, crafting, beauty, photography, and food. These are all a big part of my world which was one reason why I changed my logo tagline and the purpose to a lifestyle blog so that I could include more than just crafting.

When I saw this photograph, I knew instantly that it tells my story. I love everything about being a woman and an artist. When I was very young, I didn't talk much. The way I expressed my feelings was through drawing and make believe. I didn't pursue a career in art so I'm not quite good at drawing, but I do love to doodle and play with illustrating. And other art forms I love are: writing and playing with paper and yarn.

My hubby being a nature photographer brings that aspect into my life and I'm always looking through pictures and trying to learn more about it through watching him and picking his brain. Blogging isn't just about writing but really good visual artistry too. And when you love to do something, it's not work and it's not hard.