Can't Look Forward for Looking Back

How's your new year looking thus far?! I still can't wrap my brain around how fast 2016 came and went. I know for some it was a great year and for others not so great. It was a bad year for movie stars, so many are gone. And it made me really think how precious life is and how easy it can be here today and gone tomorrow.

I've talked before about being not so big on New Year's resolutions, but you should read my post on the ones I think I can keep. I listed 6 but I'm adding a 7th one which is to focus on the positives in my life and being thankful for the good rather than thinking back to the disappointments. I'm the type of person who likes to analyze why things happen the way they do. There just seems to be something inside me that has to understand everything. But sometimes you just have to accept what has happened, look for the good in it, learn the lesson, and then grow from it going forward.

There were some disappointments last year for me and one was with my day job. Also suffering a major emotional meltdown has set me back. You can read my post here for more details. I took a couple of days off from writing and crafting to just rest. Hubby even took me on a hike which was refreshing.  So, in looking ahead I know I have to make some changes to prevent high blood pressure, severe anxiety, and depression. At first I thought this would be a daunting task, but the more I thought about it, I actually believe it will be a good project for me. And, I do love a challenging project.

It'll be about planning my day better, re-arranging my priorities, and being selective about how to spend my time. I've got to learn to say "no" to some events, ministries, or projects even if I want to participate. I can't take my health for granted, I have a habit of pushing the envelope way too much. I'll definitely be getting a lot of use out of my Happy Planner, because it has a week/day view divided by day, afternoon, and evening for to plan my day's tasks.

Whatever plans you're making for this year, my advice is to look ahead and not back. Take the lessons yesterday and move ahead. The Bible says life is like a vapor, here today...gone tomorrow so I think it's essential how we manage our life and health. Emotional healing is just as important as the physical. If I'm looking back too much, I'll miss seeing the blessings ahead.

photos courtesy of SC Stockshop