Closing One Chapter, Starting a New One

When things change in my life, I tend to least in regards to when I am comfortable and everything is working and flowing. Then, all of a sudden, "WHAM"!, it all changes and now I'm scatter brained and have no idea where I'm going. That's kinda where I am right now.

But there are times when change is needed, I know this. Welcoming change doesn't necessarily mean I'm starting over again, but rather looking for new opportunities. I'm the type of person who likes stability. In other words, I like knowing where I go to work and live, who my friends are...etc. I'm not much for extreme life changes.

So, I'm in the stage now of closing one chapter and starting a new one. This Saturday, I will be selling off all my crochets and knits that I've made since we've been here, more than four years ago. I love creating as you know. And I always looked forward to making things to help the ministry I was in at the time. But, it seems God has other plans for my crafting that I don't yet know. I do know that He's never wrong.

After the sale this weekend, I'll be deciding what direction to go with the crafting. I do enjoy writing and so I may do more of that, I have plenty of options. I admit that I'm scared to begin again, but my hope is always prayerfully to find where to serve. There's great pleasure in that. And, I remember the prayer I prayed in Florida before we moved that God would give me an art to do with my hands. He's more than answered that and I'm proud that I've made hundreds of items, hats/scarves, greeting cards, purses, garments, and shawls. Saturday, the rest of them will hopefully go to some good homes and I'm looking forward to seeing where God takes me next!


  1. When God moves us through seasons it often feels like upheaval, God set this moment for a reason. Sometimes the hardest roads leads you to the best places. Every season comes bearing the gift of a new beginning. May this season bring you blessing of peace, joy, hope and happiness.

    1. It sure does especially when you don't handle change well. Still, I know that God doesn't lead us anywhere that He hasn't made provisions for. When He leads us to it, He will lead us through it. Thank you for your kind words.