Make it a Better Monday

Boy, Mondays are hard for me. I'm never ready to go back into the work week. When I worked for a company, I remember getting really depressed every Sunday night partly because I didn't like my job, but even working from home I still feel that little sadness Sunday night cause I just want the weekend to last a little longer.

So, I try to do a few things Sunday nights to help me embrace the work week without the Monday blues:

  1. Remember to be grateful that I have a job and that I can physically work. It's easy to take that for granted. It's not easy to find jobs these days so when I think about this, I thank God and it helps me look forward to working.
  2. I rest for a few hours before bedtime. I like to use the last couple of hours just before turning in to rest my mind and body. No crafting, no emailing, etc. I spend some of that time playing my iPad game which relaxes me and I go to bed in a good mood.
  3. Hubby/Wife time. After church, even if we go out to lunch with some friends, I still like spending some quality with my hubby. We might go hiking or drive to a favorite place of ours to watch the ocean. We spend that time talking and enjoying our time together. 
If you get the Monday blues, what do you do to conquer them? Comment below and tell me!

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