PINS I Love: Styling Modest Ideas

I love planning my outfits, it's a girly thing I know but I find it fun trying different pieces and colors together to see how they'll look. And, when I'm not sure I go to my handy dandy Styling Modest Pinterest board. I use the outfits as a sort of template or guide. And just because it's styling modest doesn't mean I can't be trendy, put together and dare I say it..."cute!"

If you know me well, you know how much I love neutrals. But in clothing I do like mixing and matching up colors too. A few of my favorite outfit ideas are below but, mind you I don't shop expensively for clothes, but it's nice to get inspiration and then I might be able to find something similar in my closet or I'll write down an item to look for when I shop at my local thrift store.

These are my absolute favorite colors to match up with black. The skirt also has the tan color that gets more noticeable with the jacket and boots. Plus, stacked heels rock when you're my age!

Flats are so versatile with their ability to dress up or down. I own a pair of black flats that are so comfortable and I love them! And, they go with the black dress every woman should have! I just love the coat as well and the jewelry is not too flashy. Love this ensemble!

What a neat casual outfit but still so cute. Love the infinity scarf that dresses up the denim shirt. And it blends well with the skirt and white flats. I could picture myself wearing this to go out to lunch with girlfriends or running errands.

Oh My goodness I LOVE this baby blue outfit! Love the floral print design on the dress and I bet it'll make me feel so pretty just to wear it. The sweater has these clips on both sides to bring it in, but I wonder if you can take them off if you want to wear it loose. I looked up the sweater and it's out of stock and I couldn't find the full description, still it's very pretty. I do think the heels are too high for me! Give me that purse though!

Now, I would have not thought to put green with the brown sweater and blue jeans but this shade of green really works. I LOVE these boots! This is what I would wear to go just about anywhere and I would rock that green fingernail polish too!

Hope these few pieces give you some ideas but I have 430 pins on this board and growing so follow it as I add to it daily!