Running a Home Office in the New Year

This is one of my older posts that I typically run each year with some changes! So, at the end of 2016, I looked back and assessed how I did. And, I caught myself saying, "I didn't do what I said I would at the beginning of the year..." Still, I didn't do so bad when I look at my list of accomplishments:

  • I moved my blog from WordPress back to Blogger. It could have been a daunting task and I'm still tweaking older posts, but for the most part it was a seamless process.
  • The blog design. I worked really hard last year to get the look I really wanted. Read my post here for more details.
  • Participated in two e-Courses on blogging: working with brands, and increasing blog traffic.
  • Finished my first media kit for working with brand companies.
  • Completed my 9th year with my day job.
  • With my hubby's help, had to make some difficult personal choices but in the end it's all good.

Listening to the body is key to health and happiness.

Also, I made some changes to my health last month to alleviate undue stress. God designed our bodies to operate in a certain way. He meant for us to rest. I'm bad at that, because I'm so used to working 19+ hours a day. But the older I get, the more I'm listening to how my body feels.

The reality of running my office is that I have three major roles:

  1. My day job where I get paid every month.
  2. Co-owning my hubby's photography business.
  3. Running my crafting business at night.

It'll be crucial for me to make the most of my time each day so that I get my deadlines met, eat regularly, get plenty of exercise and sleep, and still have time for fun. It sounds like a tall task huh!

Finding the Right Quiet Time is needed for Creativity.

At the end of the day is when I feel the most creative. It's the time when there are no emails, phone calls, or interruptions. I can concentrate on crocheting, knitting, and writing while watching old 1940s movies! I think this is my favorite time of the day.

Plan Ahead.

Though I work from home, I still want to dress for the job. I feel more productive so I plan my outfits for each day. It's helpful in that I don't spend a lot of extra time finding something to wear when I need to be at work.

Looking Forward to the Challenge.

It's a good thing to stretch oneself. I want to spend time this year doing:

  • Continuing to write everyday. This is an ongoing task and I hope to bring more relevant content to the blog.
  • Getting better at knitting with needles. I'm really enjoying it!
  • Spending more quality time away from home. This is a stretch for sure, but I think it will be therapeutic to treat my anxiety.
  • Of course, drawing closer to Jesus, the most important in my life.
  • I'll be taking on more of an active role in hubby's photo business.
Every year brings with it new challenges but also new opportunities. And time waits for no one. This is the time to go big!