Throw a Little Excitement on Dull Days

There's always some days where there's nothing really exciting happening, but thank God there's nothing really bad happening either. It's one of those mundane days where you kinda get in a funk. You just need something amusing or fun to break up the day.

Those are the days where a bowl of vanilla frozen yogurt with strawberries dripping down the sides goes a long a way. I like to take my time eating it cause it's a real experience with every spoonful. I imagine I'm riding a horse in the middle of a meadow wearing a white sundress, barefoot and the sun is shining bright while a gentle breeze is blowing my dress. Do you daydream like that?

But back to real life, to break up days where it feels like I'm dragging, I like to do something spontaneous, maybe something I don't normally do like soak in a bubble bath or take a hike across the coast. Strawberry Hill and Seal Rock are a couple of places along the coast here that are fun to walk along the beach over rocks. Sometimes even a drive through a country road can add some excitement to a dull day. I love driving by and looking at the horses, sheep, cows, and deer.

I don't do a lot of book reading, I do most of my reading online with articles and such, but every now and again I think it's a good idea to sit in my chair that's next to a window and read a small novel and drink apple cider.

How do you brighten up a dull day? Tell me by commenting below!

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