What I Got for Christmas

Hi my friends! I wanted to share with you my Christmas this year because it was special. That's not to say that all the other years weren't and I'm not gloating by sharing what I got, I really just wanted to think back to the day rejoicing and I want you to rejoice with me. I do hope with all my heart that you had a good holiday. I know it is not always happy for everyone.

Besides the wonderful Christmas cards we got and we got a lot! Hubby decided to hang them from one of our Asian screens which has open slots on both sides so the cards looked so cute and it gave the screen a cute design. I loved reading all the personal messages inside each one and I cherish them forever.

My friend Heather always sends us a "care box" for Christmas filled with different gifts in various sizes. She has been my friend for a lot of years and when my mother passed away I missed the care boxes she and I would send each other. I remember telling Heather this one day and she took on the role and every year I look forward to her care box. She never disappoints with the gifts either. She always sends me a box of cookies cause she knows how much I love them. This year I got pumpkin spice shortbread cookies by Salem Baking. They are so good! In the box was a peeler for fruit and veggies, pie baking mix, and some other trinkets :) and she always includes a letter that outlines how her year went. I think that's a unique way to share your life with friends.

My brother sent a beautiful Christmas card with pics of my little nephew who is growing so fast. I have his pic on a bookmarker which I'm using in my Happy Planner.

My Hubby Showed Out

Up to the day, I didn't think hubby and I would exchange gifts. We really have a lot of financial goals set for next year so we decided, at least I thought we did, not to buy gifts for each other. However, he faked me out! LOL!

A few weeks ago, I bought Christmas stockings for us and hung them up with our names on them so we could insert a card in them since we weren't going to exchange gifts. But the morning of when I woke up, my stocking had more than a card in it. The boy had gotten me a bag of Hershey Kisses and inside the card was a $50 Amazon gift card! OH YES PLEASE!

I gave him a handmade card and wrote in it from my heart. Just as we finished opening presents given to us by other friends, he said, "are you sure that's all the presents?" I told him, "yes". Then he pulled this huge bag from under the dining table and said with a grin, "what's this?" I couldn't pick my mouth up off the floor! He had bought me an entire pan/pot matching set. It contained several pans in different sizes as well as pots so now I don't have to cook finagling one pan and pot. In addition, it came with a spatula and a slotted spoon. I didn't realize that he noticed me in the kitchen, I wasn't complaining about having just one pot/pan. What a man! (I've been cooking with them and the food cooks evenly quickly and the cleanup is so easy.)

The best part was he and I going out and spending some quality husband/wife time together with no camera. We talked about our future, hopes and dreams, and prayed together. The time we spent made this old girl happy! We also talked about what Jesus' birth means to us and that's the real reason to celebrate. It's important to appreciate each other as well as all that The Lord has given us. Tomorrow can be a different day. and this was by far the BEST Christmas I can remember.