What's for Dinner?

Cooking can be therapeutic when at the end of a long busy work day, I can go into the kitchen and begin prepping for dinner. I pull out the onions, tomatoes, herbs, the main course, and all the spices and seasonings I need and begin to put the meal together. I really can just let my taste buds go wild as I put a dash of this in and a dash of that in. When it's all done and on the plate, I feel like an artist!

Spiritual food is even more important. Physical food feeds the body, spiritual food feeds the soul. And we can get spiritual food in many ways, first and foremost from the Bible. God's word is what my soul needs in order to live in this crazy, mixed-up, upside down world. And when my heart is broken or my spirit crushed, at the end of the day it will be God's word planted inside me that keeps me going. Many a time, it was a scripture I repeated over and over again and claimed for myself that I won the victory. 

I also believe having close kindred-spirited brothers and sisters feeds the soul too. Being around friends helps me to not feel I'm going it all alone in the world. Other people may even share my feelings without me even knowing it until I talk to them. Many times it's been refreshing cause I would think, "Wow, I'm not the only one feeling this way..." God knows we need each other, we need to stand together, cry and rejoice together.

In my little imagination, I wonder what it was like to eat with Jesus. What did He and the disciples talk about that isn't written in the Bible? Did they talk about their dreams for the future?, perhaps how John tried to reel in a fish and it got away?!, or what it was like for Peter to walk on water even just for a little while?! What would it be like to eat a meal and ask Jesus anything you wanted to ask?

I think that's why I like movie, "The Perfect Stranger." I really like how the writers portrayed Jesus NOT as a whimpy God, but very intelligent and articulate and in the end, it was the lady He was having dinner with, that came to the answers she was looking for without Jesus having to tell her. In this way, she understood so much better and realized what she needed for all the time was a real relationship with Jesus. He feeds the soul and the body.

photo courtesy of kaboompics.com